Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Lawyer Reputation Damaged with False LinkedIn Profile

Today a after a quick look at my home page, a profile in my "people search" box (set to "lawyer") had a description that caught my eye -

"First Name Last Name"
Dishonest Lawyer at Unethical and Unprofessional Lawyer

I was unpleasantly surprised to read the profile -


This web page was established to show that "First Name Last Name" is a dishonest and unethical lawyer. She is under investigation by the State Bar for violations of the rules of ethics. "First Name Last Name" has lied in court documents and lied to a judge in court.

This web page was not created by "First Name Last Name", obviously.

Everything in this web page is true and correct. This web page was not established with the evil intent or malice. It is intended to be a public service to all.

I contacted the lawyer on the profile, as her photo and real name were used, and a link was provided to her law firm website.

She told me that the person who she believed put up the profile was a person who using this false profile as part of an ongoing campaign of online libel and harassment.

The harasser has falsely used the lawyer's name in order to get people to receive the connection, which is invasive of privacy and fraud. Further this harasser is defaming this lawyer with false information that there are State Bar investigations of her.

We are currently working with LinkedIn to have the profile removed.