Saturday, November 8, 2008 Shares Tips to Build Your LinkedIn Profile

As we all work to figure out Web 2.0 for lawyers, it felt just a bit validating to read the article by Diana Rubin in Legal Times "Tips to Build Up Your LinkedIn Profile."

In the article "boosting connections" is considered a good thing (funny how this took a while to catch on), and group membership is suggested as a strategy to increase connections. The MyLinkLaw family of lawyer groups is not mentioned explicitly, but the MyLinkLaw groups have to be where more lawyers go to network with other lawyers, as just one of those approximately 96 lawyer networking groups can go toe to toe with "Happy Lawyers" or even "ABA Friends" in terms of membership.

I'm still not sure why it has taken lawyers so long to embrace the open networking philosophies of many of the top-linked members of other professions, but we seem to be catching on.

Kevin O'Keefe of LexBlog blogs that "LinkedIn for Lawyer Marketing Works Big Time" which from much anecdotal evidence is true. However, lawyers should not forget that LinkedIn works best for those with a solid marketing concept and plan happening already, and that putting up a free profile with thirty to sixty friends and family alone likely won't change your practice too much.

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