Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More On Directly Connecting for Legal Referrals

Why do direct connections better enable legal client referrals?

Please let me provide you one example.

Say for example I see a question in the Law and Legal section (as I often do) in which a member is seeking a referral to lawyer ... let's say a medical malpractice lawyer in the New York City area.

I first look to my Medical Malpractice Lawyers group on LinkedIn (as I don't have the time to search all of my connections), and search through the group members for those in the New York City area. Chances are that I will find two directly connected lawyers and two members of the group who otherwise would be a match but are not directly connected.

With this information, I go back to the question in order to provide an answer and to complete the legal referral.

However, I can only suggest you as an expert if we directly connect.

If we are already directly connected, I encourage you to take one benefit your legal networking group membership provides - using your shared group membership to invite other lawyers or referral sources to directly connect to you.