Sunday, November 29, 2009

As Lawyers and Law Firms on Facebook Explode, Facebook Legal Networking Groups Mushroom

If you don't believe "the hype" about the huge number of lawyers and law firms setting up profiles on the mega-popular social networking website Facebook, try a search on Facebook yourself (see above) using the terms "law firm" or "law office" or "attorney" and you can see this phenomenon for yourself.

The challenge moving forward for these law firms, is going beyond "establishing a presence" (i.e. merely setting up a profile and/or firm fan page) to "effectively" utilizing this new media technology (which has as many definitions as there are observers and consultants).

As Facebook continues to implement changes to various Facebook news feeds, the effective use of groups and fan pages as "media channels" to reach online networks is becoming increasingly important. Many lawyer Facebook users are not yet up to speed on the nuanced relationship between groups, business pages, and news feeds - but it can be simply stated as - folks who want content on a particular subject now get that content in their own news feeds via their group / business page membership.

Popular Legal Groups on Facebook

Facebook Lawyer Referral Group (1350+ Members)

Lawyer Referral Network (170+ Members)

Lawyer Referral Exchange (1380+ Members)

Legal Marketing Using Social Media (1110+ Members)

Because whether you have employees or a job, EVERYONE needs an employment law resource (760 Members)

The LinkedIn Lawyer (1890+ Members)

Online Legal Marketing (500+ Members)

The Rainmaker Institute (1100+ Members)

Digg Lawyers

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