Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ten People All Lawyers Should Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a free and easy-to-use "micro-blogging" site that allows you to send and receive short updates from multiple users. David Barrett, The LinkedIn Lawyer is "Twittering" -- follow me here -- and keep up to date with news about Web 2.0 social media and lawyers, with a particular focus on LinkedIn.

Besides Twellow, there are basically two lists of lawyers on Twitter -

1. 145 Lawyers (and Legal Professionals) to Follow on Twitter (now 502) and

2. BigLaw Lawyers on Twitter

After following many of these lawyers, and with the suggestion of Problogger I humbly submit my "Top Ten" Twitterers all lawyers should follow on Twitter.

There are many many more than 10 folks worthy of being followed on Twitter, so to create this list, I focused on my opinion of how good their "Tweets" are, rather than how great their blogs are, important their books are, how skilled these Tweeters are as lawyers, or how otherwise interesting they may be.

Are you Tweeting about having coffee? Are you providing followers Twitter updates about how you have finished writing a motion? Are you using Twitter as email that we call can see? You may not find yourself here.

The LinkedIn Lawyer's Ten People All Lawyers Should Follow on Twitter

1. @barrettdavid - The LinkedIn Lawyer; solid content and links in all Tweets mostly about social media with a few potential client referrals.

2. @kevinokeefe - CEO of LexBlog; always finding new boundaries to explore.

3. @JayFleischman - New York Bankruptcy Lawyer; who could make a CLE in bankruptcy law from his Tweets alone.

4. @SCartierLiebel - Creator of Solo Practice University; don't be fooled by her conversational Tweeting style as lawyers can learn loads from her Twittering.

5. @JDSupra - HotDocs are a constantly updated source of newsworthy legal documents, direct from the source; hard information you don't find other places.

6. @stevematthews - founder of Stem Legal; so much legal tech problem solving information here lawyers benefit by just taking a peek.

7. @bobambrogi - Lawyer, writer, consultant; an evangelist new media lawyers should believe and follow in detail.

8. @bentleytolk - practicing lawyer, consults to lawyers and future lawyers; Attorney Tolk shares great information and this is one from the BigLaw list that won't hurt your Twitter Grade as bad as the others.

9. @chrisbrogan - advises on how to use social media and social networking to build value; law practice is a business and lawyers can learn a lot from this non-lawyer social media pro.

10. @MIAMICRIMLAW - Miami Criminal and Bar Defense lawyer; shares both useful information and a great sense of humor.

Interested to learn more about Twitter for Lawyers? Spend some time with Nichole Black's Twitter 101 for Lawyers.