Monday, December 1, 2008

This Week's "Top Tweets" from The LinkedIn Lawyer

Twitter is a free and easy-to-use "micro-blogging" site that allows you to send and receive short updates from multiple users. David Barrett, The LinkedIn Lawyer is "Twittering" -- follow me here -- and keep up to date with news about Web 2.0 social media and lawyers, with a particular focus on LinkedIn.

Here are the "Top Tweets" from the last week (i.e. those which registered the most traffic as tracked with Tweetburner).

"Top Tweets"

Can Lawyers Afford to Ignore Social Media?

Is Attorney Marketing on Social Media an Oversight Nightmare?

LinkedIn: A Competitive Intelligence Tool

Facebook for Lawyers 101

Facebook for Lawyers?

ABA Journal feature "Social Promotion"

RT: @bobambrogi LawSites blog: 10 Essential Podcasts for Lawyers

Twellow Search for Lawyer

Five Steps to Effective Law Firm Marketing Positioning

RT: @kevinokeefe LinkedIn founder: People know they can Google you, so you have to be entrepreneurial with your own brand

BigLaw Lawyers on Twitter

Social Network Sites Only Work for Lawyers Who Work at Them

The Value of Twitter

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