Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Week's LinkedIn Lawyer "Top Tweets"

Twitter is a free and easy-to-use "micro-blogging" site that allows you to send and receive short updates from multiple users. David Barrett, The LinkedIn Lawyer is "Twittering" -- follow me here -- and keep up to date with news about Web 2.0 social media and lawyers, with a particular focus on LinkedIn.

Here are the "Top Tweets" from the last week (partially as tracked with Tweetburner).

"Top Tweets"

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Call for Guest Bloggers at The LinkedIn Lawyer -

The LinkedIn Lawyer Welcomes Business Development Expert Raymond "Chip" Lambert -

Lawyers Link In to Social Networking -

Top 25 Free eBooks on Social Media -

David Barrett named Officer of Facebook Business Exchange -

Podcast Available - Social Networking Sites for Competitive Advantage -

The LinkedIn Lawyer is now listed on Justia, BlogCatalog, and the ABA Journal -

Molding Your Image, Tweet By Tweet -

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